skyscraper bioclimatico realizzato in Australia.


Architect (Ve IUAV 1992), PhD in Civil Envirnomental Engineering and Architecture. Is studying the most innovative technologies for sustainable architecture in New York, China and Australia, and particularly the role of evelope as climate control factor.
Has a specific tranining on row-earth building technologies (Grands Ateliers, France) and on natural building materials, above all the lime
From 1998 enhances the ancient Oriental Art of Feng Shui, which practices and employes on her projects and consultings. A fertile liaison between a scientific accuracy and a total commitment on sensorial sphere will characterize all her future career.
Collaborates to sustainable internationals projects, foremost UNESCO project in Timbuktu (Mali) and INTERREG (Lubiana University)

From 2000 to 2010 teachs at Udine and Trieste University, adopting an original approach to the teaching based on Lateral Thinking and on learning by doing (achievement at real scale of arcs, cupolas, application of plaster…) Author especially of Atelier Origami and Atelier Feng Shui, wherein find expressions her knoledges, acquired in the Oriental Arts field, as instruments to Architecture pedagogy. Manages the Atelier Origami at Grands Ateliers in France, in collaboration with ENSAL Ecole National d’Architecture de Lyon.

Teacher of Sustainable Technology of Architecture in China (University of Suchan-Jangtzu 2007) Engages in many foreing conferences (Spain, France, Slovenia, China) as lecturer. Invited to the Mondial Summit mondiale GOS (China 2011), presents a bioclimatic green skyscraper built in Australia.
In 2012 founds LaboratorioMaterico in Marano Lagunare, a temporary showroom inside her Architecture Office, to declare and to experience natural building materials, in addition to the most innovative technologies for sustainable design (nanotechnology, PCM,…)